Because it's National Donut Day...

Six Unique Ways to Incorporate Donuts on Your Wedding Day (or Your Event)

by Avalon Wade

Donuts are always a good idea and they have quickly become a favorite addition to to traditional wedding cake. Many brides and grooms are choosing to serve fun and easy to grab desserts to go along with, or in place of, a traditional wedding cake. In honor of National Donut day, here are some unique and beautiful ways to display your favorite donuts on the big day!

Geometric Donut Shelves

This unique display is a beautiful and modern way to display donuts or any other sweet treats for your wedding guests. This is an eye-catching piece that your guests will not be able to pass by, so there’s no excuse for them to miss out on dessert!



Holy Matrimony, donut mind if I do! The Donut wall is another creative and beautiful way to display donuts for your wedding guests. It can be made to stand on a table or all on its own, whatever fits your wedding day vibe best.



These donut stacks are a great way to fit as many donuts as possible onto a small or cramped dessert table- because let’s be honest, it’s too hard to resist a second donut (your wedding guests will thank you!)



Instead of displaying donut holes in a boring bowl, spice things up by setting out a platter of donut hole skewers. These are easy for guests to grab as they’re making their way out onto the dance floor.



This donut tree is another creative way to display your desserts. This beauty can hold its own all alone, or would add some fun height to your dessert table. Learn how to make your own HERE via HandmadeCharlotte.



Create another beautiful donut display with a tiered tray, make sure to have your florist decorate with some of their extra flowers or greenery to wow all your guests!


Happy Donut Day!