How to Strike Your Iron!

Players failing to strike their irons solidly is probably the most common issue I hear about on the lesson tee. Players either hit the ground behind the ball, resulting in a “heavy” shot, or they avoid the turf completely, resulting in a low “topped” or “thin” shot. In either case, the results are not pretty. Even though the two types of shots are complete opposites, the underlying cause of both are the same.

 What’s the problem?

            Simply put, the bottom of their swing arc is too far back. A simple drill you can do to move the bottom of your swing arc forward and start compressing your irons is by lining up about 5 or 6 tees in the ground, so that the line formed runs perpendicular to your target. Then practice making swings (slow at first) where you try to create a divot on the target side of the tees. It’s much more difficult than it looks! Try focusing on keeping your weight centered in your backswing, and feel like the club head stays behind your hands at all times during the swing. The goal of the drill is to start creating divots on the target side of the ball.

STEP 1: Set up tees in a line perpendicular to your target


STEP 4: Move weight into your left foot on the downswing

STEP 2: Feel like your weight is evenly distributed at address & your sternum is directly above the line of tees


STEP 5: Try to keep the club head behind your hands

STEP 3: Stay centered over the ball as you wind up your torso



STEP 6: Extend your arms down & past the golf ball. Your divot should be on the target side of the line


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