Arnold Palmer Recipes

Arnold Palmer’s Own Recipe:

Mostly Unsweetened Iced Tea & a healthy splash of Sweetened Lemonade

Iced Tea has the dominance and if it doesn’t, it really isn’t right
— Arnold Palmer

Popular Arnold Palmer Recipe:

1 part Unsweetened Iced Tea
1 part Sweetened Lemonade

If you want to change the flavors a bit, the easiest way to so is to experiment with different types of teas, or to try different types of flavored teas or lemonades.


Alcoholic Version of the Arnold Palmer:

1 part Unsweetened Iced Tea
1 part Sweetened Lemonade
1 shot of Vodka (or Bourbon based on preference)

This is also commonly known as: “Adult Arnold Palmer, “Spiked Arnold Palmer,” “Drunken Arnold Palmer,” or the “Tipsy Arnold Palmer.” Today, it is just likely to be called the “John Daly.”  Unfortunately, the “John Daly” was given its name after the golfers related problems to alcohol troubles rather than his invention of the drink.

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