Finding that Perfect Romance Between Cigar and Spirit!

The cigar culture is alive and thriving here at Bella Collina. Some would say no activity pairs better with a good smoke than a day out on the links. But when it comes to pairing your favorite cigar with a Wine, Beer or Spirit, some don’t know where to begin.

I like to tell people who are pairing drinks with cigars to simply match the body of the beverage to the body of the cigar. For example, a light-bodied cigar will go well with some white wines, young reds like Pinot Noir or blended scotches. Medium-bodied smokes are great with Craft Beers like IPAs and Stouts, or Irish Whiskeys, Scotch, spiced Rums, American bourbons, Cognac and Ports. Full-bodied smokes are a perfect match with Peaty Islay and heavier Highland Single Malts, or a dense Bordeaux Blend.

Pairing cigars with wines and spirits is just one part of the equation. Cocktails can make for great pairings, too. Try a Mojito or Moscow Mule with a light cigar and see where it takes you. A Tequila Sunrise with a nice oaky Anejo Tequila might really surprise your taste buds when paired with a sweet wrapper like a Maduro.

In the end, your taste is the final judge as to what works. If the two complement each other and nothing is over-powered you have yourself a match! Have fun testing out different smoke and drink combinations and develop your own perfect pairings.